[Ekiga-list] No video or audio exchange with Win32 Version

Damien Sandras dsandras at seconix.com
Thu Sep 7 07:39:20 UTC 2006


NAT issue?

Le mercredi 06 septembre 2006 à 13:27 -0700, jvrinc a écrit :
> Hello - 
> I'm a new user of Ekiga doing some testing with another user over the
> internet. We both have SIP id's we obtained from Ekiga.net. We're both
> running the Ekiga executable package obtained from Ekiga.org, on Window XP
> Pro, and we both have the same (latest) version of the GTK+ runtime
> environment installed.
> The issue:
> I am able to broadcast video and audio to the person on the other end. He
> can see my video, hear my audio, and see his own video. On my end, I can
> only see my own video. I cannot hear his audio or see his video.
> When I navigate to the View menu item, I have available to me (enabled)
> Local Video, Remote Video, Both (pip), Both (both in new windows) however,
> when I select something other than local video, nothing happens.
> I have tried from three different computers with the same installation, but
> only with this one user.
> How can we figure out what's going on here? I wonder if it's a software
> problem, a configuration problem, or perhaps a hardware problem on the other
> end? The user and I have successfully done video conference with other
> service (Sametime Meeting) so we know his hardware is installed and
> functioning correctly.
> Your expert advice is greatly appreciated!
> Jeff
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