[Ekiga-list] How come that it has two different icons?

Julien PUYDT jpuydt at free.fr
Mon Sep 4 15:40:25 UTC 2006

John R Sandidge a écrit :
> I run the Ubuntu Dapper release, among others.
> In the Applications-Internet-Ekiga (and other places) the icon is the  
> current one. In the right side of the screen (in running  
> applications) the icon is a different one. Why have two different  
> icons? The "Firestarter" release and the "Skype" release have the  
> same problem. The "Gizmo Project" has the same icons in both places.  
> The best is "Gaim," which has the same icon with a "page" imprinted  
> over it. Or, have I overlooked something?
> Thank you. "Ekiga" is my favorite voip/messenger.

Could you post a screenshot somewhere and give us a link here?

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