[Ekiga-list] How come that it has two different icons?

John R Sandidge JSandidge at Highland.net
Mon Sep 4 15:22:11 UTC 2006

I run the Ubuntu Dapper release, among others.

In the Applications-Internet-Ekiga (and other places) the icon is the  
current one. In the right side of the screen (in running  
applications) the icon is a different one. Why have two different  
icons? The "Firestarter" release and the "Skype" release have the  
same problem. The "Gizmo Project" has the same icons in both places.  
The best is "Gaim," which has the same icon with a "page" imprinted  
over it. Or, have I overlooked something?

Thank you. "Ekiga" is my favorite voip/messenger.

John R. Sandidge
jsandidge at highland.net

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