[Ekiga-list] Video and Linux to Windows

Derek Smithies derek at indranet.co.nz
Fri Sep 1 22:32:53 UTC 2006

  Run MyPhone on the windows box.

this program is a MFC frontend to the openh323 and pwlib libraries, so 
allows you to run h.323 on a windows box.

It uses the windows codecs, so you can do g.723.1 and g.729 on windows.
Note, with some windows codecs, you need to set the audio buffer 
depth to 6.

It is available from pacphone (sorry, don't have the links) or 


On Fri, 1 Sep 2006, Carles Pina i Estany wrote:

> Hello,
> Soon I will need to connct Ekiga/Linux to something/Windows, with audio
> and video (two ways)
> I know that there is a Ekiga for Windows (beta). I wonder if somebody
> knows other programs to execute on Windows supporting SIP (audio and
> video).
> Which program people prefers, apart of Ekiga, to execute on Windows?
> Thank you very much,

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