Re: [Ekiga-list] Ekiga and AIGLX: webcam?

On Sat, 25 Nov 2006 16:20:53 +0100 yannick <sevmek free fr> wrote:

> Le samedi 25 novembre 2006 à 15:06 +0200, Salvatore Iovene a écrit :
> > Hello,
> > I run the AIGLX Xorg extension with the Beryl window manager and the
> > XFCE4 Desktop Environment.
> > Is Ekiga's support for webcam known to work with this setup (I
> > think the most relevant keyword is AIGLX).
> > All I can see, is a grey square. For the matter: same with camorama.
> I assume you are using Ubtuntu Edgy (6.10) and you webcam uses the pwc
> driver provided by ubuntu kernel.
> In this case, just fellow instructions here:

It worked. Thank you very much.

Salvatore Iovene

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