Re: [Ekiga-list] How can I record an Ekiga conversation ?

I woud say even if Gizmo if not free software , since few months , you can use your own SIP account as a second one, and then record a conversation. Gizmo kinda respects standard, so  why not ..

, and as long as there is no free software , I guess it might be the easiest way , till some of us code it .. :-)

Maybe the openwengo project are working on it ?

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Kurt Kraut a écrit :
> Hi,
> Most current podcasts about Free Software uses Skype to keep a
> conversation between different hosts/interviewers in different
> locations. But sounds not correct to me to talk about Free Software
> using a proprietary plataform.
> So, anyone could give me any hint or recipe to me telling how I could
> record Ekiga conversations ? I'm currently using an Ubuntu system.
> Thanks in advance,
> Kurt Kraut
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Hello Kurt,

I think you can use wireshark, the network analyzer to record your
conversations. It is probably not the most user-friendly way to do it.
But it should do the job if you use G711 A-law or G711 U-law codec.

You use Statistics > RTP > Show All Streams, you select the
corresponding stream. And then, Save as, and you can choose .au format
for your file.


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