[Ekiga-list] Security check failed

Damien Sandras dsandras at seconix.com
Sun Dec 17 10:39:50 UTC 2006


can you post the output of ekiga -d 4 when the problem occurs somewhere?


Le samedi 16 décembre 2006 à 21:09 +0000, Martin Swift a écrit :
> Dear Ekiga community,
> Today, I have been trying to get Ekiga to work on my machine (Gentoo
> Linux x86). It took a little while to get an understanding of how some
> of the pieces fit together, but with the help of a few resources I
> think I've got it down.
> Still, one problem eludes me which I'm hoping someone here might be
> able to help me with. When trying to make a call, I get the error
>   Security check failed
> in the status line at the bottom of the main GUI window. The "General
> History" ( Tools > General History ) tool logs
>   20:36:18 Calling sip:004989xxxxxxxx at eugw.ast.diamondcard.us
>   20:36:19 Security check failed
> [x-es inserted for privacy].
> This actually happened before when I hadn't learnt how to properly
> register my PC-to-Phone Account properly. Currently, I have the
> following settings:
> In "PC-To-Phone Settings" ( Tools > PC-To-Phone Account ) I have
> "Account number" and "Password" set to the "Account ID" and "PIN
> code", respectively, as listed on my Diamondcard (diamondcard.us)
> account "Home" page. After registering with Diamondcard and charging
> the account, applying these settings seemed to connect me properly to
> Diamondcard according to the "General History":
>   19:28:36 Registered to eugw.ast.diamondcard.us
> I have two accounts registered in the "Accounts" ( Edit > Accounts )
> dialog,
>  * ekiga.net SIP Service: set according to my ekiga.net account
>  * Ekiga PC-To-Phone: set according to my diamondcard.us account as
>    described in the previous paragraph.
> The latter I set to default.
> Everything seems to be set up correctly according to the Documentation
> and FAQ, but connecting still results in the "Security check" failure.
> Does anyone have any suggestions as to where my problem may lie?
> Just in case the error might be misleading me, I've tried connecting
> to all of
>   sip:004989xxxxxxxx
>   sip:4989xxxxxxxx
>   004989xxxxxxxx
>   4989xxxxxxxx
>   sip:004989xxxxxxxx at eugw.ast.diamondcard.us
> without any difference.
> Sincerely,
> Martin Swift
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