[Ekiga-list] Security check failed

Martin Swift martin at swift.is
Sat Dec 16 21:09:00 UTC 2006

Dear Ekiga community,

Today, I have been trying to get Ekiga to work on my machine (Gentoo
Linux x86). It took a little while to get an understanding of how some
of the pieces fit together, but with the help of a few resources I
think I've got it down.

Still, one problem eludes me which I'm hoping someone here might be
able to help me with. When trying to make a call, I get the error
  Security check failed
in the status line at the bottom of the main GUI window. The "General
History" ( Tools > General History ) tool logs
  20:36:18 Calling sip:004989xxxxxxxx at eugw.ast.diamondcard.us
  20:36:19 Security check failed
[x-es inserted for privacy].

This actually happened before when I hadn't learnt how to properly
register my PC-to-Phone Account properly. Currently, I have the
following settings:

In "PC-To-Phone Settings" ( Tools > PC-To-Phone Account ) I have
"Account number" and "Password" set to the "Account ID" and "PIN
code", respectively, as listed on my Diamondcard (diamondcard.us)
account "Home" page. After registering with Diamondcard and charging
the account, applying these settings seemed to connect me properly to
Diamondcard according to the "General History":
  19:28:36 Registered to eugw.ast.diamondcard.us

I have two accounts registered in the "Accounts" ( Edit > Accounts )
 * ekiga.net SIP Service: set according to my ekiga.net account
 * Ekiga PC-To-Phone: set according to my diamondcard.us account as
   described in the previous paragraph.
The latter I set to default.

Everything seems to be set up correctly according to the Documentation
and FAQ, but connecting still results in the "Security check" failure.
Does anyone have any suggestions as to where my problem may lie?

Just in case the error might be misleading me, I've tried connecting
to all of
  sip:004989xxxxxxxx at eugw.ast.diamondcard.us
without any difference.

Martin Swift


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