[Ekiga-list] Switch from FC5 to FC6 and my ekiga doesn't work anymore

George Boyd geboyd53 at comcast.net
Mon Dec 4 01:52:31 UTC 2006

I don't know what web cam your running, but if you use PWC for your
driver, don't rely on the PWC that comes with Core 6. Download the
latest one and compile it for your kernel. If you install a new kernel,
you will have to recompile it again.

> I still have to find out why v4l2 crashes now when I want to turn on the 
> webcam from ekiga. It worked fine when running FC5, but since FC6, it 
> doesn't work. I saw messages from other people having the same pb.
> Thank you Damien for that great work. Francois

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