[Ekiga-list] Ekiga and Video Problems

After some more playing after my last post, I think I've discovered what
is happening.

After setting up my cam with CamSream and getting a great picture, if I 
go back to ekiga and move ANY of the video controls, the gamma goes wide 
open and that's what's washing out the video. ekiga ie the only program I 
have this problem with. I've also left my original message intact below.

I'm not sure who to address this question to, but the problem I'm having
is, washed out color with ekiga and my video.

I'm running Fedora Core 5 with the pwc driver and a Logiteck 4000 web
cam and ekiga 2.02

Using CamStream to set my camera the color is great, but when I use
ekiga, the color is washed out. 

I'm wondering if anyone has experienced this problem, or may be able to
help me figure out why this is happening.

Thanks in advance,

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