Re: [Ekiga-list] Ekiga & (k)iax ?

> > Good stuff ! I'm glad I asked .. it saves me the trouble of using kiax
> > which - from screenshots - looks simple and usable. 
> > 
> > As to jitter, I keep getting a lot of jitter error messages when doing
> > a simple echo test at sip:500 ekiga net .. and voice quality is
> > unreliable - 'cookie munching' with outbursts of clarity - suggesting
> > ekiga and alsa sampling rates are still out of sync.
> Do you have packet loss on your connection?
> What is your jitter buffer minimum and maximum set at?


Could you please advise

(1) how to determine connection packet loss and

(2) jitter buffer settings.


Adam Bogacki,
afb paradise net nz

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