Re: [Ekiga-devel-list] video bandwidth maximum

Quoting Paul Homlish <phomlish yahoo com>:

> Could someone tell me why there is a 100 KByte max on Video Bandwidth?
> I have Fios 5 meg/5 meg, and would like to use a larger number.
Could you please specify your setup (Codec, Resolution, etc.) Also which version
of ekiga are you using? SVN trunk or stable 2.0.11?
As far as I know its possible to configure more that 1 Mbit/s in the SVN
version, however there is an architectural limitation in OPAL that would
prevent bitrates > 2.5 Mbit/s for now (provided using a fast CPU)

> If it is an arbitrary maximum:
> DO I need to roll my own?
> Could someone compile one for me (winXP) without the maximum
> restriction?

Hmm, are you actually offering money for someone to spend time on a specially
customized version of Ekiga for you? Or perhaps you would like to join the
people working on video? There are always helpful people around that are
willing to give you a hand provide you will also contribute something to the
community (that does not necessarily mean coding)

> I can compile one for Linux; I'm good that way.
> I'd be needing one for Windows also, and I am not good THAT way.

The wiki is a good start for information about compiling ekiga, both on windows
and on Linux. In case you are still missing some information feel free to ask
and add it to the wiki yourself.

> thanks,
> Paul


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