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Yay !
Thanks a lot for your help :-)
I cleaned everything with make clean, removed the bits that remained installed in <prefix>/lib/pwlib and <prefix>/lib/ptlib, then erased and built everything again.

I still had the GConf problem at runtime. In fact, I run ekiga from another user's session, so the gconf daemon of the user runing ekiga was not run, but your hint did the trick. However, I really think ekiga should not segfault on such behavior, but use g_error to print an error message instead. I'll send a little patch for this.

I can now get back to work :-)

Many thanks,


thomas schorpp a écrit :
Luis Menina wrote:
Hi all,
I'm currently trying to compile SVN trunk version of Ekiga, in order to submit patches for this bug:

Here are the problems I encountered:
1. ekiga directly segfaulted on startup, due to uninitialized types in gm_conf_init (lib/gmconf/gmconf-gconf.c). I fixed that calling g_type_init at the beginning of gm_conf_init, but I think it's a weird comportement, and don't really know if it's related to my developing environment.

GConf broken or someone has broken it in Ekiga.
do gconftool-2 --spawn

2. Once I had that fixed, ekiga complained about no audio device being found.

ptlib/opal have changed their install paths from <prefix>/lib/pwlib to ptlib. clean all old installed stuff up manually. makefile does not support automigration.

I just couldn't know what to do then. So I updated everything: my
SVN opal, ptlib and ekiga builds. Since then I can't build ekiga, as I have linking errors with opal:


/opt/gnome2/lib/ undefined reference to `PString::PString(PScalarArray<unsigned short> const&)'

read gcc/g++ docs and do make clean opal before make debug.
do clean later on any bigger SVN changes or You will run into broken vtables like runtime-hazards producing unconfirmable bugs.


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