[Ekiga-devel-list] Relicensing Ekiga


We plan to contact all people having contributed to Ekiga or
GnomeMeeting in the past provided their code is still being used.
You probably all know that GnomeMeeting was licensed under the GPL with
a special exception allowing it to be linked with OpenH323 and PWLIB
which are licensed under an incompatible license, GnomeMeeting was
renamed into Ekiga and the exception was changed in order to allow it to
be linked with OPAL.
It is not clear if changing the exception without contacting everyone
was a good idea or not. We could argue that OPAL and OpenH323 are the
same library, but the opposite is also true. Moreover, the exception
applies to OPAL and PWLIB, but not to their plugins and you probably
know that PWLIB plugins to access the audio and video devices are also
released under a GPL incompatible license (the MPL).
We would like to clarify the situation once for all. We have hesitated
between updating the GPL exception or relicensing Ekiga under the LGPL.
The advantage of the second situation is that we do not have such
conflicts arising anymore and our code is still well protected against
proprietary derivative works.

The final decision will be made public as soon as possible.
 _     Damien Sandras
//\    Ekiga Softphone : http://www.ekiga.org/
v_/_   NOVACOM         : http://www.novacom.be/
       FOSDEM          : http://www.fosdem.org/
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