Re: [Ekiga-devel-list] Next generation base code

Julien Puydt a �it :
Jan Schampera a �it :
I just committed the Snarkish NG base code to HEAD

- GmObject
- GmServices
- GmPluginManager
- platform specific codesets

For now, it doesn't do anything useful, but it also doesn't harm.
The integration may gulp here and then (includes, when adding plugins
later to the source), but that's nothing we can't do in-HEAD.

Good news :-)

Perhaps we can already enable loading of /usr/lib/ekiga plugins ? It would allow us developpers to put things in there by hand.

Bad news : I found a bug in the plugin manager :-)

Basically, it works unless you write a plugin loading plugins.

I'll fix it ASAP.


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