Re: [Ekiga-devel-list] finally an updated IAX2 patch :)

Le jeudi 11 janvier 2007 �4:31 +1300, Stephen Cook a �it :
> About the actual patch, I tested it and outgoing and incoming calls work
> fine.
> There is one funny issue but it's a Ekiga bug with other protocols.  This
> is if you have an account there, then you go to create a new account but
> with a different protocol.  Then the new account will not be default even
> though it's another protocol.  So you have to manually set it to default.
> Also I'll submit another patch soon to convert H323 and SIP to use my
> introduced enum:
> enum CallReason {Prompt = 0, Reject = 1, Forward = 2, Answer = 4};
> I done this because magic numbers aren't so readable...

Thanks for the patch !

>From the following features, which one have you tested and "approved" :
- Call Hold
- Call Transfert
- Call Forwarding
- Audio and Video

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