Re: [Ekiga-devel-list] Let's spread Ekiga : volunteers ?

Le lundi 12 f�ier 2007 �2:32 +0100, Damien Sandras a �it :
> ----------------------
> Writing Documentation on the WIKI and updating the FAQ is a hard job.
> It
> helps new users with a minimum knowledge to step in and make the
> userbase grow.
> I propose Yannick as responsible of this task. Yannick is doing an
> incredible job in the Ubuntu community. Native speakers will be
> required
> to help him in his job.


I haven't been very activ last month, due to personnal issues. Well,
I've mails to read in both dev and users mailling list to get up to

News on documentation / FAQ:
Huge work will be done on the wiki; the main issue is now we have topics
in diffrents place and we will centralize and reorganize those in the
wiki. Natasha has join the "team" (if any :P) and started to work on the
wiki. This is definitly the best place to coordinate our efforts IMO as
it is accessible to all willing to help and it is the place we will work

There is no big plan yet, so feel free to add your toughts. But be aware
we now have diffrents sections in the wiki: users, devs, reviewers and a
place for the documentation team too. I'll try to have diffrent approchs
for each needs (users needs, reviewers needs, dev... well they usualy
take care of themselves and I see my work in the projet as freeing the
more time I can for them to concentrate on their on tasks, etc.).


Me joindre en t�phonie IP / vid�onf�nce ?
sip:yannick ekiga net

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