Re: [Ekiga-devel-list] How to limit the threadness in ekiga

Damien Sandras a écrit :
Currently, the top priorities for next release are :
1) Implement presence support using SIP in Ekiga

You're working on this.

2) Improve the User Interface

The signal-callback approach helps with this.

3) Port to GTK+ 2.10 and close all features requests in bugzilla

This version isn't widely available yet (not in debian/unstable and not in ubuntu/dapper).

4) Have a functional WIN32 port

Cody Russel is working on making gtk+ 2.10 available on win32, which will help making point (3) and point (4) compatible ;-)


5) Incorporate your code for the address book

Nice :-)

6) Incorporate IAX2 support

Very nice :-)

When we are ready with that, we can release 3.00 around February 2007.
After that, I suggest that we improve the gdk_threads_* issue using
signals and callbacks.


It is not that hard to do, your DBUS component already emits very
interesting signals in the endpoint. Our main GUI can just reuse them.

Not directly : they're emitted in whatever thread does the call -- ie : they'll give issues if used innocently.


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