libgnomeui 2.15.90 crash dialog and GNOME_HACKER


I have just released libgnomeui 2.15.90. I removed the crash dialog
from gnome_segv2. Here is the rationale:

2.- Crash Dialog showing:
    a) Restart
    b) Close
    c) Submit bug
    [d) Debug]

a) didn't work correctly, for example when click on nautilus over a
jpg file and eog crashed, choosing restart won't show you the previous
b)  and c) are currently handled by bug-buddy, which basically has to
buttons: Close/Send

so now, libgnomeui invokes bug-buddy directly, allowing him to choose
again what to do.

The developer change is about d, a feature that I think nobody knows
about it. Previously if the user had set GNOME_HACKER environement
variable set, he could see the pid of the application. If he also had
GNOME_DEBBUGER variable pointing to some hacky script, he could see
the debug button which launched that script.

Now if the user have the environement variable GNOME_HACKER set
libgnomeui doesn't lauch bug-buddy, it launch a gnome-terminal with a
gdb attached to the crashed procces.


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