Modules with unidentifiable maintainers

Happy new year to all those who have just entered 2006! Let's have
another year full of rocking GNOME releases!

Now, in order for us to keep rocking more and more, I hereby ask
everybody maintaining modules on a little favour, which
should take very little time from your hacking: please, verify if each
of your modules has a MAINTAINERS file and, if not, create one. If there
is one, verify if it is up-to-date.

The reason is quite simple. Usually, the first thing people willing to
contact the person (or people) responsible for a certain module will do
is to check the MAINTAINERS file. Generally, this is also the only
reliable way to obtain this information, and trying to get it through
other means results in guesses and wasted time. One clear example is the
one which made me write this message: if you want to vouch for one of
your contributors so they get a account with CVS write access,
the person processing the request will have to check if it is the module
maintainer who is advocating that application, and it is much more
difficult to do that (if at all possible) without a MAINTAINERS file.

Also, as you probably know, e-mail addresses listed on that file
automatically get messages targeted at module-maint gnome org, which
makes communication a lot easier.

The next step will be to file bugs for all CVS modules which use
bugzilla asking for the creation of this file, and will happen right
after the release of GNOME 2.14.1, scheduled for April 12th, to give you
some time to get your modules fixed without messing up with your hacking
schedule and hence not interfere with our next release.

If you have any doubts about anything mentioned above, support gnome org
is available to solve them.


gpastore gnome org: Guilherme de S. Pastore *

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