Icon Naming Specification Support

I have just released gnome-icon-theme 2.15.1 which contains a lot of
updated icons to match the Tango Style Guidelines (much better looking),
and which renames a lot of the icons, to match the names in the Icon
Naming Spec. This release depends upon icon-naming-utils 0.7.2, to
provide compatibility links to keep the theme usable on the current

For 2.16 it would be good if we could have as many apps and libraries
in GNOME, using the names in the naming spec, wherever possible. It
would also be good to get some extra icons removed from various pieces
of UI, where they aren't actually needed. This will help to improve the
consistency between apps with uses of icons, and give us a well
documented API for using icons in the desktop.

The goal for the 1.0 stamping of the Icon Naming Specification will be
to align with the api/feature freeze in the 2.15 cycle. This gives us
a couple of months to finalize some of the remaining issues with the
spec, and plenty of time to get as many apps ported as possible.

To expediate the whole process of porting and figuring out issues that
need to be dealt with for using the various icon names, it would be
optimal if maintainers could send me a list of all the icons they are
using in their applications and libraries. Especially helpful, would be
if people could also point to the line numbers in code, where these
icons are used. Then I can look at the code directly, and write quick
patches for all the modules.


-- dobey

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