Feature, Module and API/ABI Freezes In Effect

Hi everyone,

This week, we welcome (for some definition of the word) the Feature, Module
and API/ABI Freezes. So get ready for the tsunamis and snowstorms. If we're
lucky, we'll have all the excitement of burning books to keep warm, getting
the guy/girl in the end, and being rescued from rooftop parties by military
helicopters. We can only dream.

Anyway, here's what it means:

  API/ABI Freeze: Developer Platform APIs should be frozen, and changes must
  be approved by the release team. This is only an advisory freeze for
  Desktop module APIs, so while changes don't require approval, please don't
  make drastic changes, and make sure other developers are informed.

  Feature and Module Freeze: No new features should be added without release
  team approval. No new modules will be added -> the final module decisions
  will be made this week. As they are all Desktop modules, discussion will
  occur on desktop-devel-list (threads being kicked off over the next half
  hour). The proposed modules are:

    evolution (requires: evolution-data-server, libsoup, gal, gtkhtml)
    evolution-exchange (released as ximian-connector atm)

  String Change Announcement Period: Please tell gnome-i18n gnome org about
  any changes that affect strings. This is not a freeze as such, we're just
  trying it out this release to see if it makes translators lives easier. :)


- Jeff

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