Re: gstreamer-0.10.x tarballs on f.g.o: checksums differ from those on

On 5/18/06, Joseph E. Sacco, Ph.D. <joseph_sacco comcast net> wrote:
The checksums for the gstreamer-0.10.x tarballs on differ
from those on

How can that be?

The "install-module" script used to add things to takes
a .tar.gz archive, puts it in the right place, and creates a matching
bzip2 archive.

It seems that the bzip2 on the Gnome server produced a slightly
different output compared to the one used to produce the .tar.bz2 file

If you look, the MD5 sums of the .tar.gz files on the two machines are
identical.  So you can use those if you prefer not to trust the .bz2


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