Re: po/LINGUAS fallout

On Sun, 2006-05-14 at 16:50 -0400, Adam Schreiber wrote:
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> Joe Marcus Clarke wrote:
> > The problem seems to stem from use of intltool-0.34.2 instead
> > of 0.34.90.
> Making a release of 0.34.90 would help no doubt.  Grabbing the latest
> cvs of course works, but the latest source tarball available is 0.34.2.

It wouldn't help unless people used it. It's like gnome-common. You
really should be using CVS to dist the tarballs regardless of what's
released. There was a problem with version checking until very recently
in CVS. Recently as in it was fixed after an 0.34.90 tarball would have
gotten rolled, had one been rolled. So given the existence of the
tarball, it wouldn't really help. It still wouldn't help unless we
actually force people to use it, which can't be done reliably with the
version requirement in, because the bug was that the micro
version was not being included in the comparison. Thus, 0.34.2 would
satisfy the requirement of 0.34.90, as 0.34 was the only part being
compared. Whoever originally wrote the version check presumably did it
with the goal of never using the micro version number. :-/ However,
there will be an 0.35 release soon, and people will be able to require
it instead.

-- dobey

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