Launcher / main menu tooltips

While putting together the UI spec for the OpenSolaris desktop, I took
the opportunity of reviewing all our .desktop file Comments, which
appear as menu or launcher tooltips. Needless to say, despite HIG
guidance on the subject, there isn't much consistency, and some of them
are less than helpful.

Now, Sun doesn't particularly want to maintain local patches for dozens
of tooltips; equally, we don't want to go round filing dozens of
individual bugs (at least not straight away), as some maintainers would
probably make the change, and others would think it not worth the
effort, so we'd still end up with a bit of an inconsistent mess.

Instead, I thought it might be better to write up our proposal in full,
so people could see the big picture of the kind of descriptions and
consistency I think we should be aiming for:

I don't claim all the descriptions are perfect, and it's possible I've
missed some core apps off the list (or put them in the wrong place) as
our OpenSolaris builds are still a bit transitional at the moment.  Feel
free to update the list accordingly in either case... put your name in
the last column so I know who to harass if I don't agree :)  (There are
also some non-GNOME apps in there, like OO.o, but I left them in for the
hell of it.)

If maintainers do want to work straight from this list, just mark the
"In CVS" column as "Y" when you've made the change, I guess.  Or if
you'd rather I filed dozens of bugs instead, I'll file dozens of bugs
instead.  Or if you think it's all a waste of time, I'll shut up...


CALUM BENSON, Usability Engineer       Sun Microsystems Ireland
mailto:calum benson sun com            Java Desktop System Group                      +353 1 819 9771

Any opinions are personal and not necessarily those of Sun Microsystems

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