Gnome Accessibility - Bill Haneman will be on leave from 1 April to 1 June, 2006

Hi Everyone:

As a few of you may already be aware, I will be on a leave of absence
for two months, starting immediately after today.  In my absence, please
direct questions regarding Gnome accessibility to the
gnome-accessibility-list gnome org, and questions specific to
accessibility development to gnome-accessibility-devel gnome org  
Patrick Wade of Sun will be helping facilitate during my absence, but I
am sure that he would be very grateful of any technical assistance which
other members of the community can provide in order to keep things on
track for Gnome 2.14.1 and the upcoming 2.15 series.  

In preparation for my leave I have updated the Gnome Accessibility
website ( to be a little more
readable and, I hope, to point developers to the resources which we have
available.  We certainly hope to continue upgrading our developer
documentation going forward.  I have also updated the ATK and AT-SPI
documentation in the just-released atk-1.11.4 and at-spi-1.7.7 releases,
including doxygen HTML docs for the AT-SPI IDL.  Links to online
versions of these docs are available on the 'GAP' website above (though
the latest ATK docs will probably still be found in the tarball, since
the online docs are for the 1.11.0 version, which contained numerous
documentation deficiencies).

While I'll mostly be off the air during this period, and will
unsubscribe from most mailing lists, I will occasionally check on status
of any urgent matters, and will continue to attend meetings of the Free
Standards Group which are aimed at moving the cause of desktop
accessibility forward in a standards-based and readily shareable way.

Thanks to everyone for their continued support,

Best regards


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