Culchie 0.0.3

I've just released culchie-0.0.3.


Culchie is a small application that uses the accessibility interface to 
take control of your target application. It then proceeds to press 
buttons at up to 1000 times a second. This may result in the application 


Because finding bugs in other people's code lets me forget about the 
bugs in mine. Finding bugs in other people's code without actually 
having to go to any effort makes it even better.


Culchie provides a record of what it's doing to stdout. This is almost, 
but not quite, compatible with the ldtp input format. The 
incompatibility is regarded as a bug. In any case, with luck it'll 
provide some idea of how to recreate the bug.


Download Culchie from and make it. Run 
your target application. Run culchie. Focus your target application.

Use of click to focus is recommended for basic sanity reasons.

Matthew Garrett | mjg59 srcf ucam org

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