Keeping user docs up-to-date with applications

While looking on discussion of removed screensaver button and work
work on GNOME docs translation, one interesting idea came to my mind.

Usually UI changes are accepted without change in user documentation
thus making docs obsolete (for example, user docs still mention
screensaver button and even more, they tell user about "Add to panel"
popup menu with submenus). From other side, maintainers often reject
patches with bad formatting or other code guidelines violation. Isn't it
better to require that every UI-related patch should have doc patch as
well. Usually new API should be documented, why do we ignore user docs?
They aren't less important than coding style, probably they even more

Of course, the dream or programmer is self-documented UI, I've never
heard about it but I suspect it will appear one day. Until that every
UI change should be accepted only with relevant documentation update.

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