Re: Desktop as Nautilus

Your ideas are interesting:

TRANS wrote:
My idea is this. I would really like it if my Desktop actually were
the File Browser. In other words instead of having a seperate Desktop/
directory in my home directory, the desktop could actually reflect my
home directory (or any other defaut directory I tell it too for that
matter), but more that this, to be able to navigate thru the file
heirarchy like one normally does with Nautilus, but without the need
for a seperate window. An optional split pane mode would also be
useful in this design (like MC). And if you want to go a step further,
some cool transition effects between directory changes ;-)

Having desktop-as-home is actually a Nautilus option already, though the people who wrote it do not support it. I use it, because like you, I think it's a very natural approach to where things "are".

See the gconf key:

	/apps/nautilus/preferences/desktop_is_home_dir (bool)

As to actually making it a browsable interface, I'm not sure I can visualize how that would work. Most people are not fans of "live desktops", like what Microsoft tried back in 1996.

I think it is generally believed that it makes sense to do a fundamental task like browsing folders in a window that does not get covered by other windows.

To me this would be a much more natural way of working with my system.
Just by hitting the Desktop icon on my toolbar, up pops file

Is this so much different than hitting the Nautilus "browse" launcher icon?


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