Re: Applications launched from dbus missing SESSION_MANAGER env. var.


A pretty easy fix might be to have some methods exported by dbus to let
apps set env variables for spawned processes. This would even add a new
(probably useless) feature the desktop didn't have before (e.g. you
could dynamically change LANG and have all newly-launched apps see it or

The only complexity I can think of is that during startup, you need to
be sure gnome-session has told dbus to set SESSION_MANAGER prior to dbus
launching anything else...

I think you want to decide on a policy for which process is the "session
root" - I think it should be dbus, for a couple reasons:
 - one of the ideas of dbus is that it's the "lifecycle grounding point"
   defining a session and letting apps reliably track the lifecycle of 
   any other app
 - XSMP-style session management is bogus and has never worked and will
   never work, since it relies on too much complexity that app 
   developers have to get right - should be replaced with a 
   "startup programs" folder, a simple protocol for notifying 
   about logout, maybe a couple other simple hacks... 
   so gnome-session over time might be sort of a compatibility shim

Anyhow, once there's a policy that dbus or gnome-session is the session
root, I'd suggest declaring that the inverse configuration is not


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