Re: release notes: first draft

On Mon, 2006-03-06 at 23:57 +0800, Davyd Madeley wrote:
> Ok guys and gals. I am announcing a preliminary draft of the release
> notes for 2.14. We now require proof readers for spelling, grammar and
> technical correctness.
> The latest committed version is online at:
> You can also check out the release notes from CVS:
> We are using gnome-doc-utils for translation. I hope the translators
> know how to get all of that working, because I have no idea.
> grammar is also pretty appalling. Please send through corrections for
> these. Feel free to correct minor spelling mistakes yourself.
> Discussion should happen on list as appropriate or on the IRC channel
> #release-notes on

Way later than I'd hoped to provide this, but I've
attached a diff with some small changes.  This is
strictly copy editing; I didn't touch content.

Basically, the diff says this:

* I am a religious supporter of the serial comma.  Googling
  for support brought up this very succinct argument:

* The GDP Style Guide says "file system".

* "Shutdown" is a noun.  "Shut down" is a verb.

* Some compound adjectives needed hyphenating.

* Germans capitalize every last noun, but we don't.

* Nautilus is referred to everywhere (inclding throughout
  this document) as the file manager.  So a lone reference
  to the file browser seemed out of place.

* A few commas were missing, not just the serial type.

This is great work, Davyd.


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