So GDM has changed it's method of handling configuration in the last
couple months. The config file has been split into three (factory,
distro, and local) which get merged into the actual config.

The documentation includes a section on interface stability which
specifically mentions the location of the config file and the
configuration keys/values therein, but as of that appears to be
out the window.

Like everyone else, I don't bother compiling GDM because I never
considered it worth the frustration of running a developmental display
manager. Obviously this was a mistake, because I didn't find out about
this problem until this evening, when someone filed a bug against RC2,
letting me know FUSA simply does not work anymore.

The quick solution to this particular problem is to drop FUSA from 2.14,
and disable user-switching from gnome-screensaver until 2.16, but I'm
open to other solutions if someone else out there knows a way that
doesn't involve a huge chunk of code changing two weeks before a final


James Cape

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                                        -- Harvey Wesserman

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