Re: Winners of today's build breakages

On 7/26/06, Joseph E. Sacco, Ph.D. <joseph_sacco comcast net> wrote:
(0) currently running 2.15.90
For what it's worth, I am currently running 2.15.90, built from the

(1) dbus API deprecation issues
There are some other packages provided by GARNOME that still require
updating to handle dbus API deprecation:
* avahi
* dhcdbd
* hal
* liboobs

Note that the gnome-system-tools gnome-2-14 branch will be used for
Gnome 2.16, and thus liboobs isn't relevant until at least Gnome 2.18.
I complained for months that the perl-net-dbus hard dependency either
needed to be brought up on d-d-l and a consensus reached that it's
okay as a dependency, or that the dependency be made optional.
Neither happened, so the new version of gnome-system-tools will not be

* NetworkManager
* rhythmbox

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