Bring a conlusion please

So, after 7 days of deliberations, what are the results?
Is Mono/GTK# going to be included as part of the desktop OR binding 2.16.x platform, or not? A clear 'yes' or 'no' please.

Is there a person or persons that can take this decision after having read the public opinion on this matter? If yes, what is their decision? If there isn't a product manager to take the ultimate deicision, why there isn't one? Gnome feels leaderless to me and to many others right now. This is something that must be fixed. Gnome would have been further ahead if there was a manager to take important decisions that the community would endlessly debate otherwise.

And regarding "what Gnome is and to whom it caters" discussion, after 14 releases I think it's too late to start such a topic. If you truly need to find a new market (as some around here seem to think so), then use the GPL version of OpenCyc (version 1.0 was released just a few days ago), spend 2-3 years re-designing the gnomelibs to support Cyc's natural language capabilities, and conquer the world with your next-gen envrironment. No, creating a new kinda-like-social-networking-but-not-exactly project won't bring ultimate success neither it appeals to most people. You gotta innovate hard to acquire big markets, and if you don't feel like doing that, at least take more final decisions regarding Gnome instead of endlessly debating.

Lastly, Gnome needs a new next-gen language. Please elect/find a product manager that most Gnome devs and the Board agree that is good for the job (could even be someone inside the Board too, or the Board itself), let him read the lists, research and let him decide if the next-gen language of Gnome is Python, C# or Java. Point of the matter is that fewer and fewer graduates learn C++ and even fewer learn C. For Gnome to appeal to new programmers, a new, fully supported by Gnome, environment must be found. This is being stated over and over again for 3 years now, but no one does anything about it because people can't agree. This is why a product manager (or a Board that takes technical decisions) is much needed to give an end to these disagreements after they have studied all opinions and pros and cons.


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