Re: Kick libxklavier from the release set and make it an invalid dependency?

> >
> >  I discovered via bug 331413 that libxklavier has a version newer than
> > the ones uploaded to
> > This presents a problem because we can't use the newer version in the
> > release set unless it's on gnome ftp.  If we get no newer versions
> > then we're faced with build bugs that will never be fixed.  There are
> > multiple possible solutions (I just picked the most likely to get a
> > response one for the subject but it wouldn't be my first choice):
As a maintainer of libxklavier. I never uploaded myself anything to, really. It is hosted on fd.o and new version (to be
released soon) will also be uploaded there. Whether copy it to or no - it is up to the gnome release team.

> >  - Remove libxklavier, and make it a blessed external dependency
This looks like the most realistic approach

> >  - Remove libxklavier from the desktop, and make any functionality
> > depending on it only do so optionally and not compiled in by default
It cannot be made optional unless you want people to work with mouse only:)


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