Re: [PATCH] 256 color support for libvte (and so gnome-terminal)

On Mon, 2006-02-27 at 07:57 +0100, Daniel Brockman wrote:
> I wasn't sure where to send this, but this list seems
> close enough.  Yell at me if it isn't.

Should also file it in bugzilla probably. 

I don't know anything about 256 color mode, but a couple of generic
style things:

 - this isn't X, so you don't have to put every patch in an #ifdef 
   ;-) (if there's some genuine reason to turn this off, it should 
   probably be runtime configurable if anything)
   (I think the #ifdef is just popular in X because it was 
   consortium-run and the vendors didn't want to argue about everything 
   so they just made a big #ifdef mess)

 - "diff -u" - much easier to read, set it in your .cvsrc and you'll
   be glad you did


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