Developer in the middle [Re: Only one instance of a capplet should be allowed]


El mar, 21-02-2006 a las 19:50 -0500, Havoc Pennington escribi�..]
> There are a variety of complexities, but this is a pretty longstanding
> thing nobody has ever fixed... every app is hand-rolling some wacky
> solution.
> Havoc

Let introduce myself: I'm the developer of a gnome program (gwget) and
have contributed with some patches to GNOME.

Last couple of weeks I have been thinking about my position inside the
GNOME project and I think that I'm a "developer in the middle": I
already known gtk+ and some of the technologies inside GNOME (glib,
libglade, bonobo, ...) but lacks in others or doesn't notice the changes
in the developer platform to do some things (like this one instance of a
program). For the newcomer developer I think that even worst... 

So, to attract myself to the GNOME project and others in the same
situation and for the newcomers developers I have setup a wiki page[1]
so that GNOME developers can write some "recipes" for this "common" task
that the developer doesn't known how to code it. 

David Sede�ern�ez

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