Re: implementing touchpad gestures under gnome.


For something a little easier, here is an app I've been wanting to re-write/rip-off for GNOME for quite some time:

The popup pushpin display is like UI butter.


Davyd Madeley wrote:

I have absolutely no idea who you could talk to about implementing
something like this. Sounds like it would require support at multiple
levels (application level for forward/redo/back/undo), GTK+ level for
some things and window manager level.

I've CC'ed this email to the desktop-devel-list, hopefully you can share
your ideas there and work out who you need to talk to.


On Tue, 2006-02-21 at 09:59 +0100, Vincent Borrel wrote:

I've been recently considering new touchpad gestures (a la macos-X, scrolling inside windows using two fingers on the pad), and defined 10 standard gestures (zoom in, zoom out, rotate left, rotate right, scroll content, move entire window, forward/redo, back/undo, value up, value down) using two fingers and the touchpad. Using the hardware input from touchpads on linux powered notebooks, it could be implemented/standardized under gnome. This would be the first UI to feature these intuitive and powerful user interaction methods. I can't imagine using GIMP with such gestures :).

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