Re: Module decisions for GNOME 2.14

Hi Elijah,

> Crap.  It sucks that this wasn't noticed so that those testing cvs
> could be testing the right thing.  It looks like this was because you
> guys branched early last release, the 2.12 moduleset got copied for
> 2.14, and then no one caught this and updated it.  Anyway, can you
> update that moduleset now to use HEAD?

Yeah, we branched early so that we could focus on getting Cairo
integration hammered out.

I don't use jhbuild, so I would be more comfortable if someone who
does use it made this change. I'd rather not make the change without
being able to test it.

> (For the curious, it's worth nothing that
> is supposed to be the
> actual authoritative list (though I'm worried we may have sucked at
> keeping that up to date and correct) and it lists HEAD, we've been
> shipping 2.13.x tarballs during the 2.13.x releases and vendors are
> using it AFAICT, so I don't think lack of cvs testing should cause us
> to revert to 2.12 at this point.  If you disagree, let us all know
> soon so we can debate it)

2.13 has gotten a lot of testing, and has come out a lot better than
any previously released version. It has had a good number of bugs
filed against it (and fixed), so it's gotten some testing by people
other than Caleb and myself. I'm quite comfortable proposing it for
inclusion in the 2.14 release and working with whomever to get any
remaining issues ironed out.


> Thanks for pointing this out,
> Elijah
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