Re: Less antiquated format for animations

On Wed, 2006-02-08 at 15:33 -0500, Matthias Clasen wrote:
> That spec is a one-man show, I assume then ?

The Icon Naming Spec? Or the APNG spec? I don't know much aobut the APNG
spec really. It was brought up in #tango a week or so ago, when we were
discussing animations and how to deal with them. As for the Icon Naming
Spec, no. I did all of the editing/writing work for the spec, and a
large part of the actual naming, but spent quite a lot of time
discussing with Jakub and Tuomas initially. Of course, I never really
got much feedback on it, via the xdg list and such, initially, either.
But once we started working on Tango internally before announcing the
project and releasing it, I started pushing forward harder with the
spec, so that we can actually get something done about the problem. It
may be hard to get people to give feedback on a proposal initially, but
once they are forced to give feedback, things go much more smoothly. :)

The later revisions of the spec are based on a lot of feedback from
users of Tango, as well as GNOME, KDE, and such. So no, I wouldn't say
that it's a one-man show, but I do all the editing work on the spec, and
maintainence of the tools, tango-icon-theme and gnome-icon-theme, with
the artists taking care of the icons, and providing feedback when
needed. Unfortunately, the KDE artists or other community members, still
have not really given much feedback on the spec. But, despite that, we
can still work to support KDE in a reasonable manner, thanks to some of
the users, who have been helping out in #tango. Especially Niko Mirthes,
who has been testing Tango on KDE quite a lot, submitting patches for
the naming utils, and getting me to fix some of the issues in the spec,
to make it easier for KDE to use as well. He's also made a couple of
patches, so that KDE will handle the new contexts that are laid out in
the Naming Spec, which greatly improves the situation on KDE.

-- dobey

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