Re: Sorry State

El mié, 08--2006 a las 10:10 +0100, Manu Cornet escribió:

I'm not saying taking our time to discuss changes is wrong (of course
not). But sometimes I just need to try something out. If there's a new
feature proposal, and some developers find it is a bad idea, but it
basically looks like a nice thing to try, then just let the guy code it,
make it better, and then let everyone actually try it.

I totally agree with you. I'm not contributing to Gnome but i am on other open source projects where lots of code goes to CVS repository. If you have a 'big idea' then sometimes you *can't* put it on CVS cause you will surely interrupt the roadmap for the next release, you would surely need to have the consensus from a lot of people, and you would surely put your efforts on that task: convincing people. If instead of that, you go your way and develop a new feature you can always share your feature in a near future, perhaps in a next stage. So the problem here seems to be that was Novell Inc. who take this approach, and it wasn't the less important guy in this world who did it. Let's suppose that these changes were all done by somebody totally unknown. Surely he would become the next most loved Gnome hacker "ey look that guy!". My opinion is that community developers should wait for Novell proposal to include it on Gnome 2.xx, or to make his own fork to discuss about this new ('nice') injection of creativity on Gnome. And of course, it must be discussed, but ... now come back to your seat! :-).


Arturo González,
CEVUG, University of Granada

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