Re: NLD10 and GNOME

Christian Fredrik Kalager Schaller wrote:
Hi, While it would be good to get fixes and improvements right away I do
think its to hard to criticize anyone for holding back a bit on things
they are doing. Being able to ship something first is an important
marketing tool and this has happened before. In most cases where it has
happened the distribution makers have been good at working with the
community afterwards to get their changes merged upstream.

Remember getting those changes merged in is in their interest too
as keeping a larger and larger diff maintained is very costly and time
consuming, so I am sure nobody wants to keep the changes any longer than

I agree and im not judging Novell here but merely being blunt in asking a direct question (and hopefully I will get a direct answer)

My concern is that if this becomes the rule rather than the exception and if say Red Hat follows suit then it would make gnome development effectively untenable and increase the risk of forking.

That said Novell is certainly due all the praise and credit they will no doubt get when things are released and no one wants to take that away from them. Perhaps we can find some middle ground here that keeps everyone happy?

Mr Jamie McCracken

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