Re: Nautilus Unable to Preview GIMP Files with Hidden Background


Chris Spencer wrote:
> I've noticed that Nautilus doesn't create a preview for GIMP xcf files
> if you hide the background layer. It doesn't seem to mind if any other
> layers are hidden or not, but if the background layer is hidden then
> Nautilus won't display a thumbnail. Has anyone else noticed this? Is
> there a reason for this behavior, or should I submit a bug report?

To the best of my knowledge, the Nautilus thumbnailer simply extracts
and displays the thumbnail in the .xcf file, so this would be a Gimp bug.

However, creating an image with two layers and toggling the background,
I cannot reproduce this. This is Gimp 2.2.10.

If you feel it's a genuine bug, please file it. If your Gimp is older,
see if there is a bug against its thumbnail generation that has already
been marked "fixed".

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