Re: Contribution

On Friday 25 August 2006 13:57, Luis Villa wrote:
> You might want to explain *why* you think that

I haven't tried Gideon and the doc does not seem to give me an answer, but I 
must say that so far Glade isn't up to what can be expected, compared to 
other tools I have used, including QtDesigner and Interface Builder. Both 
allow in some way to save time by no having to find widget to use them.

The glade way:

  GtkWidget *widget_foo =  glade_xml_get_widget(xml, "foo");
  gtk_widget_something(widget_foo, param, ...);

The QtDesigner way


The Interface Builder way

  [widgetFoo doSomething:param];

In short when creating a UI and you need to write code to fetch individual 
widgets from the UI (unless you are using Python or something language with 
object introspection). People see that as an advantage, I see that as an 
inconvenience, at least when using C or even C++.

And I'm juste leaving aside the "RAD" things like Delphi or *cough* *cough* 


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