Re: remove tomboy dependency on gtkspell?

On Fri, 2006-08-25 at 11:17 -0500, Shaun McCance wrote:
> * Are there other modules in our release that provide similar
>   functionality?  Then again, we did bless Gecko, even though
>   we already had two HTML renderers.  There are a bunch of
>   spell checking libraries out there, so if we're going to
>   bless one, we need to think hard about it.

As far as all the spell checking libraries go, I think it's safe for us
to bless enchant as the API for applications to use. It modularly
supports all of the ispell/spell/etcspell... backends. And the actual
backend in use there, may depend on what language you're writing in,
as some don't have support for a particular language at all, while
others may only provide overlapping support. As far as the GUI side
goes we really only have GtkSpell and gnome-spell. As the latter uses
bonobo, it may well be worth our time to make Evolution use GtkSpell
instead, and work on ways to get GtkSpell into GTK+ proper, so that
any editing widgets on the desktop, can just inherently have spell
checking support.

-- dobey

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