Re: patching an accessibility bug has stalled


Hi George:  

I think this functionality is VERY IMPORTANT and I applaud the effort being
done here.  I also support getting it in GNOME after it has been well tested
and has had a chance to soak for a while.  Unfortunately, I don't think the
schedule gives time for proper testing or soaking for GNOME 2.16, and I
hesitate to see anyone commit anything that may introduce a regression so late
in the release cycle.

If I understand correctly, the primary motivator for this work is so that users
can access system administrator applications on the desktop.  I propose that for
GNOME 2.16, the user has a workaround, albeit extremely inconvenient and
clunky: log out and log back in as root.  

Coming from the user-centered-design camp, logging out/in is not the model I'd
prefer, but I'd rather see *something* work than have accessibility potentially
completely broken for the entire desktop.  Note that my use of "potentially
completely broken" is not to be taken as an offense to the people submitting
the patches for this work - it's merely a statement of my concern for the high
risk of making such a change so late in the release cycle.  The patches may
indeed be perfect, but I don't feel comfortable seeing them go into GNOME 2.16
without more testing and soaking.

As soon as GNOME 2.17 (or even possibly GNOME 2.16.1) opens, however, I think
this work should be revisited and made a priority.

Thank you for your work here,


On Tue, 2006-08-15 at 10:38 -0500, George Kraft wrote:
> The patch for gnome-session bug 345428 has stalled and I need help
> getting it reviewed in time for Gnome 2.16.  Is there someone willing to
> work with me?

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