Re: RFC GnomeGoal #3

Marc-André Lureau wrote:
I  might be the  only one,  but I  would rather  let Metacity  (or any
window manager) do the job  of positionning/sizing my windows.  As you
could read on the msdn blog,  saving state of an application is really

The window manager does not have enough information - it can't tell which windows are "the same" and what info to save for each.

Shaun outlined some examples of how "the same" is different for nautilus, web browser, a document editor, evolution, etc.

There is probably a way to do this in the WM if someone invented and adequately documented the appropriate new hints, but the existing class/role hints are not good enough; apps have too many confused ideas about what to set them to.

So application changes are definitely required, even if the WM is involved.

If you think about the API I proposed, it could potentially be implemented by setting some window manager hint to contain the provided window ID, then letting the WM do the actual saving. It could even do this for WMs that support it, and fall back to saving stuff itself otherwise.

What we need from the apps for sure though is for them to say which windows are "the same"


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