Re: GnomeClient replacement?

Le lundi 24 juillet 2006 à 23:43 -0400, Luis Villa a écrit :

> Ubuntu does better than anyone has done it since... well, a long time,
> at any rate. And by Ubuntu I mostly mean *you*, which makes me worry
> about burnout, sustainability, etc., but that's a different
> discussion, probably.

Right, different topic, I just want to point that Daniel Holbach is
spending a good deal of efforts on forwarding bugs upstream too and we
are trying the ubuntu-qa team to work on that too

> No, of course not. But most distros don't do either the filtering *or*
> the upstreaming, and given the choice between unfiltered traces or
> none at all, we must choose unfiltered.

The issue is to know if there is enough people working on triaging bugs
upstream to keep up with all those bugs that would be sent...

> takes place at the gnome level, the duplication can be reduced.

Right, people triaging upstream are always welcome and that would be
nice to have distributions contributing actively to that!

> Again, I'm sorry I offended- the different distros have different
> success levels here, and obviously over the past 12-24 months Ubuntu
> has been pretty much a model. I think there is still a lot to be done,
> though, especially in automation and filtering, for all parties.

No offense, I was just trying to point that dumping load of bugs
directly upstream might not be a better solution than what we have at
the moment because of the workload it would put on the limit bugsquad
man power. Anyway as you said there lot to be done so let's everybody
work in that direction ;)


Sebastien Bacher

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