Re: Common knowledge in jhbuild for funny modules

On 8/9/06, Federico Mena Quintero <federico ximian com> wrote:
Doesn't Debian always build from tarballs?  Or are they pulling CVS

I imagine that tarballs aren't that big of a problem, since they have
been at least 'make distcheck'ed and if you are building a .deb or .rpm,
you *do* want to install to system paths.

Tarballs aren't quite as big of a problem, at least partially because
other people are going through lots of pain to verify them (just ask
John and Vincent about the set of tarballs uploaded for the 2.15.3 and
2.15.4 releases).  The official releases identify a set of tarballs
that ought to work together, which should make it easier for other
people downstream to build from them.  There's often additional
testing going into those tarballs than just done by the release-team,
as GARNOME (joseph and guenther) and some upstream distros (seb128 for
Ubuntu and mclasen for Fedora) are quite often a little bit ahead of
the release-team on the building and testing curve.

Of course, even then, we're having lots of issues.[1]


plus half the gnome-love archives from July and August.

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