Re: icon naming spec and gnome-vfs

David Zeuthen wrote:
On Mon, 2006-07-31 at 18:06 -0400, Rodney Dawes wrote:
I will however, disagree that we need to provide such explicit
icons as to state what method a hard disk is connect to the computer
through, or what type of data is contained on an optical disc, in a
GNOME install.

Speaking of which: the latest GNOME has a castrated icon theme that does not show me what type of image the icon represents, nor what type of audio file I'm clicking on.

These icons have succumbed to being treated as "such explicit icons" in the "base GNOME install" during the last release cycle.

The problem is, as a user, I can't get the old icons back, and certainly not from an official source. So we have to treat the "base GNOME install" as the "de facto GNOME install."

David is right: the more information the icons can provide, the better. I don't know where you get the funny idea that the less information the icons provides, the better.

Please stop destroying the wonderful icons.


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